The Road

Mike has his rules of the road up. Take a gander. My daddy has driven trucks for 30 years now, and he’s passed some knowledge on to me, and I do indeed remember them:

  • No, that truck will not stop, so don’t cut him off. He couldn’t if he wanted to.
  • Don’t pass that truck on the right, because he can’t see you.
  • When you do pass him on the left, do it as fast as possible, because you never know when that left front tire is going to blow.
  • Always assume that driver is asleep, because if he is, you will die in the wreck.
  • Always assume that driver can’t see you, that he couldn’t do anything about it if he could, and that he wouldn’t even if he did see you and could do something about it. You will always lose that fight, and your life with it. Your car is fast and nimble, and his truck isn’t. Use that to your advantage.

(Via the Anarchangel)


  1. Northe says:

    We all have our truck encounter stories. Worst and closest call I have ever been invloved in was my friend and I (he’s driving) coming back from Vegas as the three lane highway we were on narrows to two. Somehow a truck was in the fast lane and one in the slow, we ofcourse were in the middle in in perfect sandwiching position. Now my friend isn’t some crazy ass driver that goes 95 the whole way back and we are too busy sweating out too much consumed alcohol to realize the lanes are closing in on us. Once we see the walls closing in on us we freak. Basically he had to floor it to get us the fuck outta the situation and damn if those guys never did hit their brakes once as we squeezed outta there.

  2. Cosmic Siren says:

    I agree with all those rules and follow them religiously.

    Truck drivers are trying to control huge amounts of inertial force while physical drained.

    My drivers Ed teacher said something about trucks that still sticks with me:

    If there is a speeding semi behind you, floor it. Speeding tickets are cheaper than funerals.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Monique hit a bus once. Then she tried to say it was the bus’s fault. I was like how did you not see a bus???

  4. Jenn says:

    Monique’s the man!

    I don’t fuck with semi’s. Period.