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Under our building, there is a little chinese take-out place. I swear to God, there is a professionally manufactured sign at the start of the line that says:


Think about this. The only reason they would go through the expense of having a sign professionally printed and mounted is if they had so many idiots coming up and saying, “duuh… here’s five dollars and twenty-seven cents… I’ll be back later,” that they had to make a sign telling people not to do it!

And now my brain hurts.


Went to go see Serenity. Lots of blood, lots of laughs, no boobs, suggested ardvarking (with vouyer), kung-fu, Reaver-fu, one dirty talking Kaylee, one falling apart Firefly class transport.

Joe Bob says check it out.

Occupation != Terrorism

In this article at Q&O, mkultra made the following comment:

Why is this happening? Because the traditional recognized authority within the Palestinian community, the one Israel with which continues to negotiate, really has no control over that community.

And why is that?

Let’s see – Israel illegally occupies territory for 30 plus years, colonizes some of it, creates an apartheid like system in the rest of it, and then feigns wonder regarding why there is no moderate civil authority to clamp down on the extremists.

Look, you have a whole generation that lived under the boot of Israeli occupation and oppression. Americans simply cannot understand the hatred this kind of occupation can engender. They couldn’t vote, they couldn’t travel freely, they were effectively second class citizens or worst. Is it any wonder a moderate, effective Vichy-type governement didn’t fully form?

Simple occupation doesn’t foment hatred. Propaganda foments hatred. Religion begets hatred. They don’t hate Israel because they occupied them. They hate them because they are Jews. Blaming the occupation is no different than blaming Jewish bankers for the Nazis or black sharecroppers for the KKK. “If those darkies hadn’t been taking white farming jobs, there wouldn’t be any KKK.” That is the level you are at.

The radicals now come from a generation that had nothing to do with the wars in ’67 and ’73. This generation wasn’t even alive then. If it were me, and a foreign country had illegally occupied my homeland for more than 30 years, and for something that I had nothing to do with, I might just be a wee bit upset too. And forgive me, but I would not spend my time figuring out how to pat the occupier on the back whe it left. I might instead want to figure out how to get a little payback.

And you are a petty fool. Occupation does not equal “payback.” You want an example? Latvia. You know what the Latvians did when the Russians left? They patted them on the back when they left and went to putting the country together. The Russian occupation of Latvia was every bit as burdensome as Israel with the Jordanian refugees known as “Palestinians”. It was more so — the Russians did what they could to breed the Latvians out, tried to kill Latvian culture, even the Latvian language. Israel has done none of these things. Yet the Latvians — no friends of the Russians by any means — set all that aside, and made a life for themselves.

You know why? Because Latvians aren’t savages. Sixty years of occupation didn’t end in the murder of Russians. The worst that they have done to the Russians? If they want to be Latvian citizens, they have to learn Latvian.

30 years from now, when the current generation of radicals mellows, hopefully Israel will have the same kind of relationship it has with Jordan or Egypt. Tense, but peaceful. And in the meantime, Israel is simply suffering the consequences of its occupation. It will of course hit back harder. And no one will of course mourn the civilians killed in the process, with the exception of the Palestinians, of course.

That’s interesting turn of phrase, there at the end. If you are talking about the media, you are exactly right, without even know it. No one in the media will mourn the Israeli civilians killed, but they will make an exception to mourn any Palestinian civilians.

More San Diego Follies

Smash The Indepundit does a yeoman’s job of keeping us up to date on the shenanigans in San Diego. Imagine this line:

“I’m not here to apologize for the reich of Adolph Hitler, but the streets were clean, the water was running, there was no crime, no homelessness, and everyone was educated.”

Now go read what she really said and got a standing ovation for.

The Gullibility Factor

There’s this crackpot quack that has, as part of his sell, The Gullibility Factor Quiz. This one is too funny to let go un-fisked. These are all true-false:

Drinking milk helps people lose weight.

No, not drinking milk or anything else with calories in it helps people lose weight. So does cutting off your head — try it!

Silver fillings are safe to put in your teeth. Otherwise, dentists wouldn’t use them.

Silver fillings either are or aren’t safe. Whether or not dentists use them is irrelevant.

Cattle in the U.S. beef industry are routinely fed chicken poop, animal blood, expired household pets and other undesirable food sources.

If the cows like it, it isn’t an undesirable food source, is it? Oh, you meant undesirable to us. See, it doesn’t matter if I want to eat chicken poop or blood or whatever, ‘cuz I’m gonna eat me some cow.

People who watch television are not persuaded by television advertising.

If people weren’t persuaded by it, advertisers wouldn’t spend the money.

Food manufacturers offer coupons because they want to help people save money.

No, food manufacturers offer coupons to make more money.

The history taught to American children in public school is true and accurate.

By what standard? Beyond a reasonable doubt? Preponderence of the evidence? This is a question of opinion. Therefore, it should be “agree/disagree”, not “true/false”.

Many common grocery products (including yogurt, fruit drinks and candy) are colored with an ingredient called “carmine” that is actually made from insects: dead, ground up husks of female cochineal beetles.

Yeah? So? Beetles is good eatin’. Try this one: True/False — Many common grocery products contain and ingredient called “honey” which is fermented bee spit. EWWWWWW!

My government would never knowingly lie to me.

People in the government would certainly lie to you. Stop anthromorphising the “government”.

Pharmaceuticals cost so much only because drug companies need more money to invest in finding cures for disease.

Had you left out “only” I would agree. However, it is stupid to say that they only cost so much because of research. Hell, high gas prices can push up the cost of drugs. (Gotta truck them to the store.)

The Federal Reserve is a branch of the U.S. government.

What does basic civics have to do with gullibility?

Banks offer to finance home loans because they want to help people own their homes.

No, banks offer loans to make money. That’s the fun thing about the free market. They get the money they want, you get the house you want. Isn’t life great?

The fluoride added to drinking water is sourced from naturally-occurring fluoride mineral deposits.

Uhh… how far back are we measuring, toxic avenger? In any event, the flouride reacts with the water to form a solution. Flouride molecules are flouride molecules. It doesn’t matter if they disolved from minerals or are from flourine gas bubbled through the water (which is what I suspect, but I can’t confirm from memory.)

Surgical procedures must be proven safe and effective before being practiced on patients.

“I keep trying to cut him with this scalpel, Dr. Brown, but I can’t make the incision! Do you think that maybe this procedure hasn’t been proven safe and effective?!?


Private gambling and internet gambling has been outlawed because the government wants to protect people from the evils associated with this activity.

You’re anthromorphizing the government again.

Inflation is a natural side effect of a healthy, growing economy.

A growing economy is not necesarily at healthy one. Vice versa, too.

Prescription drugs approved as safe by the FDA are safe to consume on a long-term basis.

The FDA doesn’t appove drugs as “safe”. They aprove drugs as “legal to prescribe.”

The U.S. is the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

How do you measure “technological advancement?” By how many people think that you can cure whatever ails you by reading some idiot’s book?

Processed and packaged meat products (hot dogs, bacon, sausage, etc.) are preserved with an ingredient that both the food industry and the USDA absolutely know causes cancer.

There is no such substance that we “absolutely know causes cancer”. There are lots of things that are highly correlated with cancer. Like listening to you.

Buying a home is one of the best financial investments you can make, and home prices will always continue to rise.

Compound. Buying a home is one of the best investments? Absolutely. Home prices will always rise? Absolutely not. Ask the people who bought in NOLA.

Medical schools give doctors a solid education in nutrition, disease prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.

A solid education? Sure. Everything there is possible to know about those subjects? Of course not.


The mainstream news outlets (cable news, national newspapers, network news) in America accurately report war events in Iraq.

Accurately report war events? Sure, for the most part. That doesn’t say anything about how they report the war itself.

The United States of America is a Democracy.

Constitutional republic. We are back to civics again, I guess.

Anything that hasn’t been scientifically proven isn’t true.

Someone needs to crack his sixth grade science book and revisit the scientific method.

Vitamin E is dangerous.

Sure. If I were to, say, mold 157 grains of Vitamin E into a bullet and propel it at 2200 fps at your brain, it would be real damned dangerous.


When you deposit money in a savings account at a bank, that bank holds your money for you until you ask for it back.

Yeah. “We are going to hold your money, and we are going to pay you for the privilege.”

All the clean hydrogen we need to power the world is already contained in crystals at the bottom of the ocean called gas hydrates.

No. Because it can’t power the world while it is at the bottom of the fucking ocean. You have to bring it up first. And then you have to have the infrastructure to actually make that energy useful. I can’t pump hydrogen into my laptop and play solitare.

In 1945, the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on civilian populations in Japan in order to force Japan’s surrender and “save a million lives.”

Sure. And to test the designs. And to make a political statement to the Russians. And because we are EEEEEVILLLL!!!! Muwahahahahaha!

Having a baby is a patent violation because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office routinely grants patents on human gene sequences found in all humans.

No. Even if they did grant patents on genomes (which really would be a copyright — maybe a design patent) then you would have to manufacture a baby to violate the patent.


People should avoid all exposure to the sun (or use sunscreen) in order to protect their health.

Yeah. Because Vitamin D is “dangerous” too, right?

There is no cure for cancer.

Death does a pretty good job of stopping the spread of cancer. Why don’t you try defining what a “cure” is? Chemo does a good job. So does radiation therapy.

All foods and beverages are safe to consume in moderation and can be part of a balanced diet.

Sure, since part of moderation is not consuming unhealthy amounts. Geez, this guy probably thinks tautology is the study of underwear elastic.

Most common diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes) are caused by bad genes and bad luck.

Most of those diseases are caused by genetic predisposition combined with less healthy habits. You can’t call unhealthy choices “bad luck”. In any event, the most common diseases are colds and other temporary maladies. Cancer and heart disease are by no means “common.”

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a genuine brain chemistry disorder that must be treated with drugs to help children.

Wow, there are so many parts to make that false that you would think he was pushing you in that direction! What is a disingenous brain chemistry disorder? Which disorders must be treated? Which treatments don’t help children?

What a putz. I scored 64: learner. There really only needs to be one question:

This test is really measuring some gullibility quality and can provide useful insight into your world

If you answer true, give yourself 0. If you answer false, give yourself 100.

(Via The Agitator)

Opening Borders With High Explosives

So Egypt has its hands full with Palestinian savages:

Hamas militants have destroyed a section of a concrete barrier erected along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Militants from Hamas cleared an area before setting off explosives that blew away a section of the wall. Palestinian security officers present did nothing to prevent them.

A local Hamas commander warned them not to try to intervene, AFP news agency reported.

So, in other words, Hamas is in charge. That’s not good for Egypt. In fact, this whole thing has disaster written all over it. Sure, shit like this is happening in New Orleans — but they just got hit with a historic hurricane. All that has happened in Palestine is that, well, it has been turned over to Palestinians. That is why I don’t have any problem calling them savages anymore. At least New Orleans was thrust into savagery by Mother Nature — the PA seems to hold it as its natural state.

Israel had to have know that crap like this was coming. There are only a few modes of thought that could have brought this about:

  • Israel wanted Egypt to see what it was really dealing with and bring it to the table as a real peace partner. “As soon as we step out of the way, this is what you have to look forward to. Do you really want us to get out of the way?


  • Israel doesn’t have any interest in Gaza and thinks that Egypt is getting exactly what it deserves, and simply wants an object lesson that it can hold in front of Jordan and say, “you want some of this? Huh? ‘Cuz we can pull out of the East Bank fast enough to pull-start your turban.”

I actually think it is more likely the latter. Gaza was territory taken from Egypt anyways. It was a security nightmare and a distraction from the East Bank. It was time to let it go and concentrate on the real front. It gave Egypt a proxy, it gave the PLO a second front, and it was all around bad news for Israel. I think the thinking was, let them have that problem and see what they do with it.


Many of you are obeying an illegal order.

If you come to my residence to disarm me, in any circumstances, you will be denied. When you violate your oath to the constitution, you are an agent of tyranny and insurrectionist.

I will respond to any agent of tyranny with lethal force. It will probably result in my death. So be it. I will die free.

This is the only notice you will receive. I will give you no warning before I pull the trigger. My decision has been made long before you approach the door.