More San Diego Follies

Smash The Indepundit does a yeoman’s job of keeping us up to date on the shenanigans in San Diego. Imagine this line:

“I’m not here to apologize for the reich of Adolph Hitler, but the streets were clean, the water was running, there was no crime, no homelessness, and everyone was educated.”

Now go read what she really said and got a standing ovation for.


  1. Cosmic Siren says:

    *shakes head*

    I suppose that genocide is justifyable as long as the rest of the citizens are living the high life.

    I read what she said and it was stupid. Just as the version here is, because I attended a seminar where a guy who was a Hitler youth as a boy and he gave a much different picture about the state of life then. Something about not having enough food and people actually not getting enough fat in their diets and some of the medical problems because of it. In fact, he ran a great deli in Dallas.

  2. HMT says:

    just so you know I drove by balboa park last weekend and flipped everyone off while honking my horn. I even threw my starbucks at them.

  3. Mexigogue says:

    Haha! Rocky would be proud!

  4. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    So what they are trying to say is

    1. US out of IRAQ
    2. George Bush contracted the weather machine from Cobra and unleashed it on New Orleans.
    3. Jews have a closed mind
    4. Palestinians have a closed mind
    5. Sadaam was a good guy and kept everybody employed
    6. The U.S. told Sadaam to invade Kuwait
    7. The governator doesn’t like unions giving money away.
    8. The “Iraqi resistance” needs our support
    9. The protesters should hire better musicians, They shoould have contacted San Diego local HMT and his band to perform.
    10. Gay people don’t like Israel
    11. Jews don’t like Arabs
    12. Sadaam had an affair with JFK back in the early sixties

  5. HMT says:


    UNLV, I BEG you to do a post about how Bush stole the weather device from Cobra.