Occupation != Terrorism

In this article at Q&O, mkultra made the following comment:

Why is this happening? Because the traditional recognized authority within the Palestinian community, the one Israel with which continues to negotiate, really has no control over that community.

And why is that?

Let’s see – Israel illegally occupies territory for 30 plus years, colonizes some of it, creates an apartheid like system in the rest of it, and then feigns wonder regarding why there is no moderate civil authority to clamp down on the extremists.

Look, you have a whole generation that lived under the boot of Israeli occupation and oppression. Americans simply cannot understand the hatred this kind of occupation can engender. They couldn’t vote, they couldn’t travel freely, they were effectively second class citizens or worst. Is it any wonder a moderate, effective Vichy-type governement didn’t fully form?

Simple occupation doesn’t foment hatred. Propaganda foments hatred. Religion begets hatred. They don’t hate Israel because they occupied them. They hate them because they are Jews. Blaming the occupation is no different than blaming Jewish bankers for the Nazis or black sharecroppers for the KKK. “If those darkies hadn’t been taking white farming jobs, there wouldn’t be any KKK.” That is the level you are at.

The radicals now come from a generation that had nothing to do with the wars in ’67 and ’73. This generation wasn’t even alive then. If it were me, and a foreign country had illegally occupied my homeland for more than 30 years, and for something that I had nothing to do with, I might just be a wee bit upset too. And forgive me, but I would not spend my time figuring out how to pat the occupier on the back whe it left. I might instead want to figure out how to get a little payback.

And you are a petty fool. Occupation does not equal “payback.” You want an example? Latvia. You know what the Latvians did when the Russians left? They patted them on the back when they left and went to putting the country together. The Russian occupation of Latvia was every bit as burdensome as Israel with the Jordanian refugees known as “Palestinians”. It was more so — the Russians did what they could to breed the Latvians out, tried to kill Latvian culture, even the Latvian language. Israel has done none of these things. Yet the Latvians — no friends of the Russians by any means — set all that aside, and made a life for themselves.

You know why? Because Latvians aren’t savages. Sixty years of occupation didn’t end in the murder of Russians. The worst that they have done to the Russians? If they want to be Latvian citizens, they have to learn Latvian.

30 years from now, when the current generation of radicals mellows, hopefully Israel will have the same kind of relationship it has with Jordan or Egypt. Tense, but peaceful. And in the meantime, Israel is simply suffering the consequences of its occupation. It will of course hit back harder. And no one will of course mourn the civilians killed in the process, with the exception of the Palestinians, of course.

That’s interesting turn of phrase, there at the end. If you are talking about the media, you are exactly right, without even know it. No one in the media will mourn the Israeli civilians killed, but they will make an exception to mourn any Palestinian civilians.

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  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Wow that guy is way off. First for Israel to occupy Palestenian territory it would have to be Palestinian territoyy to begin with. The West Bank was part of Jordan, Gaza was part of Egypt and the Golan Heights were part of Syria. The Arabs lost these lands fair and square to the Jews they need to stop crying about or put to gether a campaign to take it back. Germany and Japan are still ocupied by American troops, 60 years after WW2 and they seem relatively calm……