Opening Borders With High Explosives

So Egypt has its hands full with Palestinian savages:

Hamas militants have destroyed a section of a concrete barrier erected along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Militants from Hamas cleared an area before setting off explosives that blew away a section of the wall. Palestinian security officers present did nothing to prevent them.

A local Hamas commander warned them not to try to intervene, AFP news agency reported.

So, in other words, Hamas is in charge. That’s not good for Egypt. In fact, this whole thing has disaster written all over it. Sure, shit like this is happening in New Orleans — but they just got hit with a historic hurricane. All that has happened in Palestine is that, well, it has been turned over to Palestinians. That is why I don’t have any problem calling them savages anymore. At least New Orleans was thrust into savagery by Mother Nature — the PA seems to hold it as its natural state.

Israel had to have know that crap like this was coming. There are only a few modes of thought that could have brought this about:

  • Israel wanted Egypt to see what it was really dealing with and bring it to the table as a real peace partner. “As soon as we step out of the way, this is what you have to look forward to. Do you really want us to get out of the way?


  • Israel doesn’t have any interest in Gaza and thinks that Egypt is getting exactly what it deserves, and simply wants an object lesson that it can hold in front of Jordan and say, “you want some of this? Huh? ‘Cuz we can pull out of the East Bank fast enough to pull-start your turban.”

I actually think it is more likely the latter. Gaza was territory taken from Egypt anyways. It was a security nightmare and a distraction from the East Bank. It was time to let it go and concentrate on the real front. It gave Egypt a proxy, it gave the PLO a second front, and it was all around bad news for Israel. I think the thinking was, let them have that problem and see what they do with it.


  1. guy in the UNLV jacket says:

    Quote of the week….”we can pull out of the East Bank fast enough to pull-start your turban”. I’m glad I’m not the only one calling the Palestinians saveges these days.

  2. Citizen Quasar says: