Lotta Ins, Lotta Outs, Lotta Whathaveyou

The Dude is back in.

Movable Type gave me nothing but problems, so I made the plunge that I had been contemplating for a while, to real subdomains for everyone and WordPress. WordPress is hella cool, but I’ll have to work on tying the room together. In any event, I’ll be in Tulsa for a few… weeks, I think, probably until May, and in the meantime, I may be posting sporadicly as I remember all the crap that comes up when your blog is down that makes you think, “wow, I have this wonderfully profound thought that would be perfect to blog is only my blog was up!” My first one, I think, is how to properly apply the “Nuke the Moon” theory of diplomacy to the illegal immigration kurfuffle.

Stay tuned.

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