Getting it In

This was a tough week. On Tuesday, I had to travel to West Texas, where my partner in crime and I had to go and rent a 4WD Jeep and outfit it with numerous GPS devices and go tearing ass all over the countryside. We had to use the 4WD several times, and were so far out that without all the GPS linked to USGS maps we would have been hopelessly lost. And we were out all freaking day. And the steakhouse at dinner made my strip medium well, not medium. And I had to drink Michelob because they didn’t have any better beer.

Then the next day, we had to do the same thing via helicopter. And we had to take pictures, so they took all the doors off the chopper. And we had to spend all morning and afternoon, flying back and forth, several hundred feet up, at around 70 knots, taking pictures and video. We even hot refueled the helicopter to get back up there. And then we had to take it up to a few thousand feet to get some really wide shots.

And then when we got back down, it was back into the Jeep for more 4WD action in the places we just looked at. And I think I got Tetanus from where a bard on a gate stuck me in the back of the thumb. I guess I’ll know… Wednesday. (If I end up in the ICU, I’ll make them get my laptop and I’ll let you guys know.)

Torture. Four-wheeling and helicopter riding with no doors out in the middle of nowhere using NASA technology to track everything… torture. The things I do for our clients…

Anyway… get them in, bitches! Ki YAH!

This was cool, though. Dust Devils are cool to look at. They aren’t so cool when your helicopter goes over one with no warning. On a serious note, though, flying along at a couple of hundred feet at 70 knots with no doors is pretty cool. Flying along at a couple hundred feet at 110 knots with no doors, not so cool. Flying at several thousand feet where you can see the curvature of the earth but only at 70 knots so you don’t feel like you are moving at all with the doors off, not cool at all. I’m afraid of heights, but I love flying. The difference is, when you don’t feel like you are moving, you aren’t flying anymore. You’re just up high.


  1. Northe says:

    My dad was a pilot so I flew non stop everywhere. I have never been in a helicopter tho. I don’t think I am afraid of heights but I think being in a doorless helicopter at that altitude can make most anyone a little apprehensive.

  2. Citizen Quasar says: