Fear the ‘Stache

This is typical of what is being reported on the whole Bolton-Brown thing. Brown, a left-winger with strong connections to George Soros, disses Middle America and complains that the US just wants to use the UN as a diplomatic tool and not crack down on Americans complaining about it. Well, last time I checked, the UN was just a diplomatic tool and Americans had a fundamental right to complain about the UN, the US, U2, and anydamned thing else we don’t like at that very moment.

So Bolton says, “you know you done fucked up, don’t you? You know it, don’t you? You know you done fucked up.” Especially since they are going to run out of money again. It takes a lot of money to keep that many embezzlers in Mercedes Benzs. And they get about a quarter of thier budget from Uncle Sam (not counting all the NYC real estate they suck up, all the parking tickets they don’t pay, and all the NYC resources wasted dealing with thier various shenanigans.) And now they cry about the cash, but they don’t want to take back what they said. “No, it was true — now gimme the money, it’s miiiiiiiiine!

“Ambassador Bolton is jeopardizing a 60-year relationship with the UN that delivers results,” said Scott Paul of Citizens for Global Solutions, a Washington, DC-based independent group that promotes multilateral solutions to problems of global conflict, freedom, and human rights. “We can’t afford the shut down of the UN.”

What’s this “we” shit, white man? The UN “delivers results”? Really? Name three. I can name all sorts of undelivered results. 14 Iraq resolutions. Iran. North Korea. Human rights in Libya. Saudi Arabia. Somalia. Darfur. Ivory Coast. Hell, the UN can’t even keep things the same, they have to move in and create underage brothels in the countrys that the move troops into.

The U.S. move to link the payment of dues with management reforms, which aims to bypass the 191-member General Assembly, apparently stems from the rationale that those who pay more should have extra influence over the governance of the institution.

Yes. This is Diplomacy 101. The countries with the money have something the countries without want. The countries without have no military means of taking it, so they must find a cooperative way of getting it. That means giving the countries with money what they want, which is influence. “Uh, hey, here’s an idea, uh, how about you give 10 times as much money as me even though you don’t have to, but we both have the same say. Deal?” Sorry, Charlie.

“It is not like they own Class ‘A’ and we own common stock,” said South Africa’s ambassador recently, commenting on the United States and other rich countries’ intentions to undermine the role of the developing nations that constitute a visible majority in the General Assembly.

“The UN is not a private corporation,” he added. “This is not a Fortune 500 company.”

That’s right. Fortune 500 companies are accountable for what they do. The UN seems to think that it is both entitled and unaccountable. Hopefully, the ‘Stache is about to prove them wrong.


  1. Mexigogue says:

    If you make the United Nations REALLY mad they’ll take the towels off their head and start snapping you with them.

  2. guy in the UNLV Jacket says:

    “What’s this “weâ€? shit, white man?”–> quote of the month!!!

  3. Phelps says:

    I believe the full joke goes like this:

    Lone Ranger: “Oh no, Tonto! We’ve been surrounded by angry Indians!”
    Tonto: “What’s this ‘we’ shit, white man?”