Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case

So Kerry wants to fight this one again. Fine. I don’t see enough info to change things one way or the other one this. Whatever you thought before, you will still think. Kerry is already known for taking his unit back through areas to “re-enact” battles that they fought for his 8mm home movie camera. I don’t see any reason to think that any photos weren’t re-enactments also.

But this is vexing (from the slideshow):

Mr. Kerry says his photographs show the body of a man fully dressed and lying face up, suggesting, he says, that the man was shot while approaching.

Well, if Mr. Kerry is actually suggesting that, then it indicates that Mr. Kerry has never really paid attention when anyone was shot, much less shot them himself. When you get shot, when you get knocked out, when you lose conciousness: you fall forward. People do not naturally fall on this backs unless they were already leaning backwards (like someone fainting while they were trying to sit down.) Try it. Go smack someone in the jaw in your office hallway and knock them out. I guarantee you they will fall forward on thier face.

There is nothing to suggest that this guy was the one Kerry fought. Even if it was, it is almost certain that the guy was on his back because someone has already turned him over to confirm that he is dead and search the body for intel. Not only that, but look at the photo — if this was taken immediately after Kerry shot him (which I don’t think it was) and before anyone turned him over, then the direction of the guy’s body shows that he would have been moving away from Kerry. His feet are pointed in another direction. To clarify, I don’t think that this is the case; I think that this is a different body, from a different time, after the body has been moved. But even if it was taken immediately afterwards, it doesn’t support Kerry’s claim.

This guy just won’t leave well enough alone. This issue was dead, and Kerry decided to bring it up. And what is this “again” shit from the Times? They never reported it the first time.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    I just went into the hall and knocked this guy out. He didn’t fall forward, he just kind of slumped, but then again he was in a wheelchair. Is that last part important?