Fear Ward FTW


It must suck to be in the Horde, since this fight is so easy by adding just one Dwarf Priest who knows how to use Fear Ward. They ought to rename Molten Core to Warlock-Hunter Core, though, since that is the only thing that has dropped in the last three weeks. I’ve got more DKP than any warlock in there last night, and I’m 5th in the priest list. I’m never going to get a drop at this rate. Hell, one of the other priests bought a pally hammer just to get something.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not handling my own epic chase. As some of you can see, I’m wearing my Truefaith Vestments, and I managed to get my Hide of the Wild crafted at the end of the run by the guild leatherworker. You been warned, bitches.


  1. R says:

    Magmadar got owned. Good work!

  2. Northe says:

    Heh, I feel sorry for you guys that have to use DKP in your guilds. Nothing like feeling the pressure of showing up to work when you are playing a video game in order to score loot. Other than tho, grats on the murder.