Two Things

Two things from my walk back to the office from lunch today. First, I noticed another disturbing trend. Dallas has started putting very dark (illegal for civilians) window tint on its marked patrol cars. Not unmarked cars. Not detective’s cars. Patrol cars. This is pretty ominous in my view. Police across the country seem to be forgetting that they are part of the community and enjoy thier powers at our consent. It will be bad if we are forced to remind them of that.

Second thing is that I saw the ugliest woman in my life walking down the street. She looked like a 50 year old Tiny Lister in a wig. Chewing on lemon peels that had been soaked in turpintine. With a nose ring. (Not that I’m dissing Tiny Lister, but I think he would agree that he would not make an attractive woman. I wouldn’t either. Plus, he could probably beat me to death, and shooting him in the process would only make it take longer.)

One Comment

  1. Jenn says:

    Throw a rock through the dark tinted windows, show them what you’re made of!

    Ugly people need love, too!