That’s It?

So this is the best you got, huh? All the spinners in the Democratic and Republican parties of the great state of Texas, and this is all you could come up with?
On sexual predators:

Throw them in prison, throw away the key, and make them listen to a Negro talking to himself.

Ooooooh! Racist! Racist! And he wrote a song when he was with The Texas Jewboys that uses the word “nigger”! (Ignore the context! He said Niiiiiiiiiiiiiigeeeeeeeeeeer!) But what about this one?

As Jesus once said to the Mexicans, don’t do a thing until I get back.

And, uh, I think that is it. 40 years of being as honest as possible, speaking his mind, writing books, singing songs, and performing stand up comedy, and that is as bad as it gets.

Kinky for governer.


  1. Jim Darkness says:

    hells yeah!