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Trampling Free Speech

Here’s my question.  Why doesn’t anyone ever catch Republicans vandalizing against a Democratic campaign? Why is it always Democrats vandalizing a Republican Campaign?  I mean, even in the cases where you have someone complaing that Republicans vandalized thier property, it turns out that they did it themselves.  What does that tell us about them?

Tollerating Perversion

How many of the people who are going nuts like this gave Clinton a pass on Paula Jones and Juanita Broddrick? How many of the people giddy at getting Foley were people who signed the petition? Where is the issue for a social liberal? The boy’s ages? They were both 17. That’s above the age of consent in most places, and I can’t imagine someone railing against that. Was it the gay thing? Aren’t we supposed to be tollerant of homosexuality in a socially liberal society?

It offends me on the harassment issue. He was taking advantage of someone he held civic power over. He abused his office. Which brings me back to Clinton. Paula Jones had just as much evidence as we have here. Juanita Broddrick had just as much evidence. Clinton had just as much of a history of being a lecher as this guy.

So how many of you who want to pursue this are people who were saying “move on” when the pervert had a D behind his name instead of an R?