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As SayUncle says…

Just like you and me only better.

Elderly Woman Wounds 3 Home Invaders

The story has been making its way around the blogosphere.

There is one part of it that I want to be sure to point out:

According to family members, Johnston lived alone. Dozier says that Johnston did have a firearm. She says she took her aunt to get a permit for that firearm, for her own protection.

(My emphasis.) When the information gets sorted out, we will discover two things — that the police, if they announced, did not do so clearly or give a chance to respond, and we will find out that the justification for the warrant was that someone in the house had a handgun permit.

In other words, if you attempt to comply with the law and become properly licensed, you will be treated even more like a dangerous criminal.


Curly really is dead this time.

He did good work. Might have to go watch Shane again now.

Games Subs Play

First of all, I don’t think this Chinese sub surfacing near a US fleet is a big deal, and people in the know seem to agree.

But I do have to wonder — how many of the people who have spent the last few years peeing their pants over how much dolphins and whales don’t like active sonar — the only kind that can reliably detect a modern diesel sub running on batteries — are willing to take this as proof that maybe effective sensor usage in our military is more important than whale comfort?

(Via Michelle Malkin)

The Tyranny Inferno

Are you guys seriously surprised by this? Seriously? Have you forgotten the words of Thomas Sowell?

Better a third-rate fireman than a first rate arsonist.

It’s like you guys are Whitney to the Democrat Bobby. You’re like the guy who shacks up with an abusive wife just to get away from overbearing parents.

The Next Two Years

In a thousand words:


Flag Draped Coffins

Hey, guess what guys?  It’s just as disgusting when you do it as it was when they did it.

Stop.  No cutesy denials.  No excuses.  Stop.  Fucking assholes.