Freedom of Speech

Why is this so hard to figure out? A soldier asked if a company shipped to APO (Army Post Office addresses) because he wanted to order thier products to use in Iraq, and they gave a stupid answer. This is the part that jumped out at me:

“This is a matter of free speech,” said Julie Enslow, an organizer with Peace Action Wisconsin in Milwaukee. “It is totally irresponsible for radio stations and bloggers to attack a person for his personal political views.”

Julie, Julie, Julie. If you defend the freedom of the clerk to say stupid shit, then you must defend the freedom of other people to call him a stupid shit for saying it. Freedom of speech means the freedom to say things that people don’t like. It doesn’t mean the freedom from people not liking what you have to say. If you are free to say it, they are free to tell you exactly how much they don’t like you saying it.

People on the left side of the aisle seem to have just as hard a time with this concept as people on the right side of the aisle. Righties, moonbats can say what they want. Yes, they are often wrong. Yes, what they say often hurts the war effort. But they still have the right to say it. Lefties, wingnuts often say hurtful, offensive things.  Yes, they are often wrong.  Yes, they often overreact to you Speaking Truth To Powerâ„¢. But you both have to accept that people are going to say things that piss you off, and your only civilized response can be to say things back.

And say it on your own dime.  Everyone has the freedom to set up his own blog and build his own readership.  No one has the right to spew thier opinions on someone else’s blogs and mooch thier readers.  Lots of bloggers let lots of people say things.  Some stop other people from saying certain things.  It’s thier blog.  Your recourse?  Point it out on your own blog.  Don’t have as many readers to point it out to as you like?  Tough titty.
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  1. DA says:

    Err, that’s “revive the fairness doctrine“. I gotta remember the

  2. […] If you’re only defense to your position is that well, I have a right to say it then you’ve lost. You having the right to say it doesn’t mean that other people can’t call you a fucking retarded for saying it. […]

  3. R says:

    Well, if you believe the article, the people attacking the clerk dude used racist remarks and threatened to pay the dude a visit.

    Of course, freedom of speech is freedom of speech and I’m all about not censoring people, but when you put the two types of opinions next to each other, the racist/threatening folks wind up looking like assholes.

  4. guy in the UNLV Jacket says:

    No problem here, free speech is a 2 way street. You free speech out some B.S. and others will respond to your B.S. with their own free speech. The system works

  5. Phelps says:

    R, I don’t think you can apply her statement to the alleged threats, since she included talk radio. If some radio idiot had threatened the guy, that would be the story.

    (I say alleged because people who say stupid shit tend to claim victim status when they realize how stupid it was, not because I don’t believe that there are people who are opposed but equally stupid to make the threats. Talk radio idiots do the same thing.)