Someone should have told this loon that when you start trying to do things like bomb manshake, you have to remember that if the enemy is in range, so are you.


  1. Chicken Shit who gets his comments edited by Phelps says:

    [Note to commenters: I will allow comments that have actual people who will put a real email address behind them. Bitching about how chicken I am when you won’t even use a real email address is, uh, actually, just what I would expect from you.

    — Phelps]

  2. Chicken Shit says:

    Hmmm, so when YOU troll other sites with a fake address that’s ok eh?

    what a pussy.

    [1: I don’t troll other sites, and I when I use fake names on other sites, they are obvious, and I attach both my real email address and my blog address.

    2: You still haven’t provided a real email address.  Pussy.]

  3. HMT says:

    phelpsie explain all this to me.

    also, strong new site design.

  4. Phelps says:

    All this? As on googlebombing? Okay, some people, we shall call them “fuckwits” or “Liberal Avenger” think it is totally killer to have a certain result come up as a result of a google search. They hope to acomplish this by gaming the system by linking to someone with a certain phrase as to game the system. What they do not anticipate is that, by the nature of weblogs, they simultaniously link to themselves with this phrase, in addition to any supporting and well known (to google) bloggers (like yours truly) that would like to fire back.

    Thus, someone openly advocating a googlebomb (as they are known) is just as likely to fall victim to the very same googlebomb (as did fuckwit aka Liberal Avenger).

    [Any typos are a direct result of the six black & tans currently making fools of themselves in my bloodstream.]