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QQ more, Eminem

Eminem has gone crying to court about his ex-wife saying mean and hurtful things about him.  And he won’t even admit that it is his feelings.  He’s hiding behind his daughter’s skirt.

Look, the moral of this story is that you have to be a moron to sleep with a chick named Kim in Michigan, and you would have to be as dumb as a bag of hammers to actually marry her.  And you would have to be Eminem stupid to marry her twice.

Drudge vs. Hot Air

Hot Air says that Drudge has a problem with them. Surprise, surprise. This part jumped out at me, though (my emphasis):

Just ugh. The things I want to say right now. But we’ve got an FCC. The things I want to say. Maybe we’ll do, uh, uh, a commentary on the Internet like Michelle Malkin. Maybe I’ll stand in front of like a blue screen and hold a banana and start talking into the Internets. (Sneering tone) ‘This is Matt Drudge reporting on Hot Air.’ Agggh. You know. It’s ridiculous. Looks like, you know, Captain Kangaroo time, Michelle. Get real.

Uhh… was that a racial slur?

Space Marines Are On the Way

Wired has an article about the new things we are bring our soldiers. This has us one step closer to becoming Space Marines, in the 40K style. At least, technologically. I don’t think we are going to convert our soldiers to monks anytime soon.

  • Phase 4 — Haemastamen: Reality – Estrogen Shots
  • Phase 6 — Catalepsean Node: Reality – Magnetic Therapy
  • Phase 7 — Preomnor: Reality – Digestive Bacteria
  • Phase 12 — Sus-an Membrane: Reality – Suspended Animation
  • Power Armor: Exoskeletons

The future is here, boys.