The only GRINDHOUSE Review You Need

For HMT:

DEATH PROOF is about this dude, Driver Mike, and he’s played by Kurt Plissken, and goddamn but that dude just gets more bad-ass as he gets older. You know how Sly Stallone kind of looks like Bea Arthur now, and Jean-Claude Van Damme looks like Ally Sheedy? Well, Kurt Plissken looks like a dumpster full of drop kicks. He could fuck a bulldozer into eight Mini Coopers.


  1. Northe says:

    Man I dunno. I hope its good but I have my doubts. My biggest problem with an action flick like this is gonna be the corny ratio. Unfortunately shit like this I cannot overlook nor am I willing to give the benefit of the doubt and go check it out in good confidence.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I am all about murderous rage. I can live vicariously thru characters that do the right amount of killing and sometimes even more than the right amount. However, as a word to present and future movie script writers.. leave all the corniness and nutiness you can excrete in your stool.. give great action flicks back to the fans. If Rodriguez has any gumption he’ll have steered this flick more toward the realm of Sin City and less in the direction of From Dusk Till Dawn.

    I’m sure I’ll get grief for that comment…

  2. Phelps says:

    Dude, this isn’t going to be Sin City or From Dusk Till Dawn. This is going to be Army of Darkness times Chuck Norris’ left testicle. If you can’t handle that, you better just skip it, because it’s a double-feature.

  3. Northe says:

    That’s the one I was thinking of. I don’t mind Army of Darkness or From Dusk Till Dawn but its just not what I crave in what I want to be an “action” movie. I need more grit and mayhem with less.. well, less everything else. I’m pretty picky when it comes to my entertainment time. I’ll wait for some opinions before I see it for sure tho. Just gonna have to set myself in the right frame of mind to enjoy it on the level its supposed to be enjoyed.. to the wind with my expectations.