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Teh Nuge

The New Ron Paul

Billy Hollis at Q and O asks some pretty good questions about the new infatuation with Ron Paul:

 I’m pretty sure some of them are on the left politically. Maybe I’m wrong about that. Maybe they’re all vocal libertarians. We should be so lucky — I’ve never seen that kind of libertarian presence on political issues before. Based on the number of libertarians I’ve seen expressing opinions about politics in the last few decades, I suspect that’s not the case. I suspect many are liberal or left, and cottoned onto Paul solely because of his anti-war position.That means Ron Paul is diametrically opposed to many of their most fervent programs.

I think it is the Truthers. Really.

Beyond anything else, they are totally obsessed with the idea of False Flag Operations. Insanely, completely, John Hinkley after Jodie Foster obsessed. To these people, everything is a false flag operation. 9/11, JFK, Katrina, The View, everything. Every conspiracy theory family has a theme. The UFO abduction guy’s theme is “loss of privacy.” The JFK guy’s theme is “subversion of democracy.” The Illuminati guy’s theme is “suppression of knowledge.” If you look at any of these conspiracy families, you will see the theme seeping into everything. The UFO guy sees government agents invading his privacy too. The JFK guy sees some secret cabal rigging all the elections. The Illuminati guy sees all kinds of things that he knows that no one else gets because someone is calling it ridiculous.

And the Truthers see False Flags everywhere. I think that a bunch of people independently came to the same conclusion at the same time — that the only way to get The Truth out would be to get a Truther in the White House. And if there was anyone on the ballot that wasn’t a Truther, The Man would get that person elected. Therefore, they need a Truther on both sides, and the way to do that was to run their own False Flag Operation on the Republican side.

A Democrat Truther is no problem. What they need is a Republican Truther. And frankly, the only one even attempting to make a run at it is Ron Paul. Therefore, Ron Paul is a vital component of their Serbian Double-Bluff False Flag Operation. They are already all over the internet. They are centrally organized. And they are batshit conniving cuckoo.

It is the only way to explain the cartoonishness of the support we are seeing, even right now in the comments of Q and O.

Cunning Secret Identity

HMT’s blog disappears. Rachel Lucas  starts blogging again. Coincidence?  Nope.  It’s real simple.  HMT is Rachel Lucas.

Forum Nubs

This one is for R.


Bill Whittle’s Remnant appears to me to be identical to my One.

Phelps Bob says check it out.


Here’s the post where Radley Balko calls for Democrats to surrender like men.

Contempt of Cop or Contempt of War?

How far does someone have to go to get charged with treason in this country?

If he was singled out because he was a soldier, and then beaten to the point that he was combat ineffective when he was slated for deployment, then that is giving aid to the enemy and levying war on the United States.