iPhone observations

So, I’ve had it for a week inside the network range, and here are things that I have noticed that haven’t been covered to my satisfaction at other places.

First, the decision to use a glass faceplate instead of plastic was genius. It feels like a real device. It is nearly impossible to scratch. It looks fantastic. I don’t worry too much about what I use to clean it (which I usually only need to do after using it a long time, using it someplace really bright, like direct sunlight, or if I am eating bacon.) The glass is thick enough to be durable. I am much, much less worried about breaking it than cracking the LCDs on the cellphones that I had before which were only protected with thin, flexible plastic. I’ve been waiting to see the deluge of stories about people shattering the glass faceplate.

Still waiting.

The keyboard is different. I am slower on typing on it than my full QWERTY Blackberry, but much much faster than on any tenkey or multiple-letter system (like on the Pearls) , no matter how smart. I still type one fingered on it. A lot of people are clamoring for the landscape keyboard, but for me it has been worse than the narrow one (because of all the reaching to get to the most common keys.) One fingered on the narrow keyboard seems to be the way to go, especially when you start to feel the Force and the autocorrect is clicking. The strange thing is that the autocorrect doesn’t seem to be spotty — you are either Using the Force or not. You’ll get a string of two or three spot-on sentences, or two or three lines of complete gibberish.

Apps do crash. My Blackberry would lock up too under the use that I put it to. Even with the crashes, it kicks the everlasting shit out of the blackberry browser. There are pages that were completely offlimits on my Blackberry that are 100% accessible on my iPhone, and ones that I needed too (like the Southwest page.) The only annoying thing is that I wasn’t sure if it was even crashing, because I got no notice — it just closed the app and went to the home page.

The youtube player is the best video player ever. I will find clips on my computer, note the name, and then watch them on the iPhone because they look that much better. I understand that they have to re-transcode the videos to get them on this part, but I wish that there were more. The ones that have been converted are fantastic.

Battery power is a non-issue. I have to recharge it every other day, but I was already in the habit of phone and iPod charging every night. It might get worse when I am using it at work, but here around the house, the amount it will handle without recharging is amazing. I’m not worried about the removable battery, but I am considering getting an offboard charger unit as added power for a backup. The recessed headphones port is annoying. I will probably get an extender dongle to use other headphones with it, unless they come up with a stereo Bluetooth fix pretty quickly. I am really excited to see what fixes are coming in 1.0.1.

One thing that I have noticed — when I am browsing on a traditional computer, I have been catching myself trying to double-click a section of a webpage to get it to zoom in. A lot.

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