Only Michael Moore is allowed to make money on Sicko

So it turns out that a bunch of lefties are up in arms because a Google blogger is crass enough to suggest that companies use Adwords to defend themselves from Sicko. Like this loon.

Let me make sure that I have this right: it is EVIL for Google to… uh… link to information? Over on this side, the assertion is that the Healthcare Industry is EVIL because they are profit driven. Because, as we all know, Michael Moore lives in a cave where he wears hair shirts and dines on an ascetic regimen of boiled peanuts and muddy water. You see, the Healthcare industry only saves people’s lives and improves their quality of life because there is money to be made in it, while Michael Moore only releases movies that have grossed nearly One Hundred Sixty Million Dollars because he loves children in a manner reminiscent of Jesus of Nazareth. (He’s only stuffing 50% of that $11.5 Million from Sicko in his pocket. I’m sure he’ll use it all on giving operations to uninsured American children.)

So, let me make sure that I have this right:

  • Informing people of both sides of an issue: Evil
  • Firing someone for trying to make the company money: Good
  • Responding to a claim that unless your industry is nationalized, children will die: Evil
  • Allowing an industry to respond to claims that it is evil: Evil

Well, since Google caved to the Communist Chinese and allowed them to censor their results, these guys might be onto something. If I ever need a political reality check, I only need to look and see which side is adamant that things like the dissenting view on a controversial political issue is forbidden knowledge from which I need to be protected from. (Military secrets, on the other hand, that compromise ongoing operations vital to national security, are things that I have A Right To Know.)

(Via The Reference Frame.)

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