Sauce for the Goose

Radley counters opposition to his hysterics with this question:

“Is this a power you’d also be comfortable granting to a President Hillary Clinton? John Edwards? Dennis Kucinich?

On the other hand, it will be fun to watch the lefties and righties switch places on these issues and throw their own arguments back at one another. I figure we’ll start seeing it when Hillary tries to assert executive privilege the first time her administration gets hit with a scandal. I’m guessing around 2010 or so.

Quite frankly, last time Hillary was in the White House, this is what she did as soon as she was hit with a scandal.  It won’t be “granted.”  Executive privilege is what it has always been.  Hitching your attempt to get all executive privilege rolled back to the BDS Brigade is an unwise decision in the long term.

And you’re way off with 2010.  I give her until about January 26, 2009. The opposition will come roughly twelve seconds afterwards.

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