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The comments here are delicious. Here is the rundown. A psuedonomous column is written by someone claiming to be serving in Iraq about those experiences. These experiences were so wild, so Apocalypse Nowish that many people who were actually in Iraq called shenanigans. These people said it was not credible to claim that soldiers were mocking people disfigured by IEDs, wearing human remains under thier helmets, or chasing down and running over dogs with a Bradley while on combat patrol. These doubters claimed that he must either be a faker or a liar, and demanded that TNR stop protecting him with pseudonymity.

So now, he has a name and it checks out as someone who is actually enlisted in the Army in a unit operating out of the claimed position. (Never mind that he is actually a pay grade lower than he claimed to be a year ago.) And now we are back to the point of where I wrote Lying and Honesty a while ago. Left partisans see lying in an entirely different way that most people. Comments like this sum it up:

thing is that I sorta knew that these blackguards who were pissing on TNR and Foer, now seem to think it is the appropriate response to pivot, never admit they were wrong, and start pissing on this particular soldier. That is the distinguishing characteristic of the few remaining war supporters…these bastards can continue to remake their twisted reality to fit any circumstance.

Getting halfway there and declaring victory doesn’t count.  You are the one who is deciding to “pivot”.  The claim always was, and continues to be, that the things the writer claimed were impossible.  The only issue with pseudonymity was that it made it impossible to fact check the claims.  TNR and Foer aren’t going to escape this unless they can show that there is some credibility to these claims.

So far, many people operating out of that FOB claim that there were no mass graves discovered to get any remains from.  That makes one of the key claims impossible.  Many people operating out of that FOB claim that there was no disfigured contractor ever stationed there.  That makes another key claim impossible.

I can’t understand what “moral authority” left partisans think makes it okay to fabricate stories and tell slanderous lies.  Perhaps I should start lying my ass off, and then when I am called on it, I can go home free by changing the blog to be under my government name.

the biggest issue has been, did TNR and mr. foer manufacture these diarist posts, in concert with an unknown collaborator, for the purpose of besmirching the US military? I believed 2 days ago that the answer to that was a resounding no. This response by the soldier in question is proof enough that the magazine acted in good faith.

No.  The issue has always been, are these slanderous lies against the Army, and who told them?

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