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Double Check

Okay, let me get this straight. Calling out Al Gore or John Edwards about having huge houses and private jets while complaining about you and me owning SUVs is petty partisainship. Calling out Larry Craig about being gay while talking about family values is a service to America, and it is now free-for-all time with teh ghey jokes, as long as you are making fun of him specifically? Really? Does that make it OK to whip out all your black jokes on Sharpton the next time he makes a racist comment about Jews? As long as it is about Sharpton, right? I got a whole pile of watermelon jokes waiting. (Actually, I don’t. Gallagher aside, watermelons just aren’t that funny.)

Here’s what I really don’t get. What was he charged with? Disorderly Conduct appears to be the charge. What exactly was disorderly about it? Contrary to what I have been seen batted about teh interwebs, he did not suck off the cop, he did not have his pants around his ankles, he wasn’t giving HJs for $2, and there were no show tunes involved. For all you Republican bashers out there, do you really want this to be a crime? “Hey, that queer over there tapped his foot at me! Arrest him!” Really? Two gay guys hooking up is a misdemeanor now?

Update: Geez, now I’m agreeing with a good portion of the Slate editorial board.  I feel dirty.

Three Letter Acronyms

There’s an article talking about our new Civilian Reserve Corps.

Bush has already turned this over the State Department, and I have to wonder, once again, if any government official outside of the military actually thinks about the TLAs they assign these things. Because the troops on the ground will come up with alternate explanations for your TLA.

Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stability Operations (CRS) becomes “Can’t Rebuild Shit”.

Active Reserve Corps (ARC) will become “Ain’t Rebuilding Crap”.

Standby Reserve Corps (SRC) becomes “Standing Really Close”.

Civil Response Corps (CRC) will be “Can’t Rebuild Crap”.

Seriously.  Run this by a bored 19 year old next time, OK?  Because bored 19 year olds will be the ones rechristening your agencies once they get into the field.

False Hypothetical

Laura Washington asks, “Do you want to be standing in line for gas, popcorn or a gallon of milk and find yourself next to someone who’s packing heat?”

It’s not a hypothetical, darling. It’s an everyday situation in all 50 states. In 48 of those states, the person next to you might be a legal carrier, going about his daily routine in a normal law abiding manner.

In the other two, he is a criminal. You are in the state where he is certainly a criminal, while most of the rest of us are surrounded by law-abiding gun carriers every day.

Military Coups

Attracting the attention of el Capitan and the Puppy Blender, some moonbat at HuffPo has called for a military coup:

However you have the legal responsibility – under Article 134 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice – to protect the troops under your command by relieving the President of his MILITARY command.

Riiiiiight.  Let’s think this out.  Suppose this really is  what the UCMJ calls for.  If that is the case, Kennedy should have been relieved of command after the Bay of Pigs and Nathan Twining would have been in charge for the Cuban Missile Crisis.  That’s who you wanted negotiating with the Russians?

Or maybe we should look at Johnson.  His bungling of various operations in Vietnam would have surely had him removed by General Taylor, a man who has been accused from many directions of having hidden the opinions of the other Joint Chiefs in order to push his own view through towards McNamara.  That is who you wanted running Vietnam?

Or maybe we can go ahead to Carter, and Desert One.  Bye bye Carter, hello GEN David Jones.  Or how about Clinton in Mogadishu?  That would have made Colin Powell supreme military commander.  Would you have wanted Powell running the military, unelected?

Let’s face facts, lefties.  Among the cadre, memory runs far.  Military men remember what is was like for the last 30 years.  The good times were Reagan, Bush, and Bush.  The bad times were Carter and Clinton.  They know who they want in office.  That is why the military votes so lopsidely Republican, even though they skew younger than the rest of the population demographically.  The new recruits listen to and respect the cadre, the people who served under these administrations or were mentored by men who did.

If a coup happened, it would not happen against at Republican president, at least not for the next 20 years.  Any coup is going to die or thrive based on support from the cadre, the sergeants and captains and majors in the middle who have made a career of the military.  No matter how liberal a General you get, if he doesn’t have the support of the battalion commander who actually relays the orders to the troops, or the First Sergeant that the troops look to with a questioning glance when that order comes down, you are not going to succeed.

I don’t support the very idea of a military coup.  I didn’t support it under Clinton, and I won’t support it under the next possible Clinton.  (The military standing aside while the People do it, maybe.  Doing it themselves, no.)  But I can rest assured knowing that it will not happen during a Republican administration.  At least, not successfully.

First Britain

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.’

We’re next.

Mexican Senate Ratles Sabers at US

The Mexican Senate:

 …passed a measure Wednesday urging President Felipe Calderon to send a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the deportation of an illegal migrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year.

Here is the part that really made me laugh:

“For me it is very important that our government take a strong stand to defend all of us who decide to migrate to another country,” she said.

When you migrate to another country, you are no longer the old country’s problem.  You left Mexico, presumably for a reason.  You broke up.  You took your toothbrush with you.  You don’t get your albums back.  It’s over.  You don’t get immigration alimony.

“We cannot remain quiet in view of this injustice and must ask for firm action from our authorities,” Mexican Sen. Humberto Zazue said.

Bring it, bitch.  I’ll go all Zachary Taylor on your ass myself.

(Via Hot Air)