Asymmetrical Information:

Jane Galt has an issue with the assertion that aborting deformed babies is the same as eugenics. Well, even sitting aside that Planned Parenthood started out as a eugenics program by Sanger, let’s look at the contemporary intentions of the two groups.

Eugenics supporters were, like many communists, trying to bring about a Utopia. Like all Utopias, it was a place were certain types of people don’t belong. At least in their warped, twisted minds, they thought that they were making the world a better place overall by lifting up all of mankind (presumably something would magic-away the moral depravity necessary to get there.)

Modern aborters of deformed babies, on the other hand, claim that they don’t have the same motivations. Therefore, they don’t have an overarching goal they are reaching for. They aren’t concerned about improving society with their decision. They just want the baby to go away because it is inconvenient.

I think that they might be better off if they just claimed to be supporting eugenics.

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  1. Mexigogue says:

    The legistlative intent of the fourth amendment was to guarantee the American people the right to crooked fetus-kabobs.

    Even THAT’S a better argument than the one they made.