Mexican Senate Ratles Sabers at US

The Mexican Senate:

 …passed a measure Wednesday urging President Felipe Calderon to send a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the deportation of an illegal migrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year.

Here is the part that really made me laugh:

“For me it is very important that our government take a strong stand to defend all of us who decide to migrate to another country,” she said.

When you migrate to another country, you are no longer the old country’s problem.  You left Mexico, presumably for a reason.  You broke up.  You took your toothbrush with you.  You don’t get your albums back.  It’s over.  You don’t get immigration alimony.

“We cannot remain quiet in view of this injustice and must ask for firm action from our authorities,” Mexican Sen. Humberto Zazue said.

Bring it, bitch.  I’ll go all Zachary Taylor on your ass myself.

(Via Hot Air)


  1. Northe says:

    That’s just absurd..

  2. Firehand says:

    You do Tailor; I’ll see if I can channel Winfield Scott on their sorry asses.