Three Letter Acronyms

There’s an article talking about our new Civilian Reserve Corps.

Bush has already turned this over the State Department, and I have to wonder, once again, if any government official outside of the military actually thinks about the TLAs they assign these things. Because the troops on the ground will come up with alternate explanations for your TLA.

Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stability Operations (CRS) becomes “Can’t Rebuild Shit”.

Active Reserve Corps (ARC) will become “Ain’t Rebuilding Crap”.

Standby Reserve Corps (SRC) becomes “Standing Really Close”.

Civil Response Corps (CRC) will be “Can’t Rebuild Crap”.

Seriously.  Run this by a bored 19 year old next time, OK?  Because bored 19 year olds will be the ones rechristening your agencies once they get into the field.

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  1. Eric says:

    ….. you definitely have a point…