Healthy Lifestyles Only

Healthcare is not a right, and the Tories just proved it. Britain has socialist health care because health care is a “right.” A right that they just decided you cannot have access to unless they approve. Got that?

You have a right to freedom of speech… unless you say harmful things. Is that a right?

You have a right to publish… unless you publish something unapproved. Is that a right?

You have the right to practice the religion of your choice… as long as you choose the one that a bureaucratic has chosen for you. Is that a right?

Speech, press, and religion are rights. The state doesn’t need to approve of how you use them for you to use them. Socialist healthcare is not a right, because you can only have it when the state lets you have it (and even then only when the state forces someone to give it to you.)

(Via my favorite wine-swilling lawyer.)

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