He’s a Man…

25 Skills Every Man Should Know according to Popular Mechanics:

  1. Patch a radiator hose — done it. Once using duct tape, and then more permanently with a clamp kit.
  2. Protect your computer — Windoes, you mean. On a Mac, you pretty much just turn on the firewall. And have a decent password on the root.
  3. Rescue a boater who as capsized — I’m pretty sure I could figure it out. Seems like you would make sure you don’t end up in the drink yourself.
  4. Frame a wall –done it.  Roofed a house, too.
  5. Retouch digital photos — do it for a living.
  6. Back up a trailer — Wheel goes the other way. Dunce.
  7. Build a campfire — done it.  Drunk.

  8. Fix a dead outlet — done it.  Grandfather is a master electrician, after all.
  9. Navigate with a map and compass – done it.
  10. Use a torque wrench — done it.  No more shearing off bolt heads!

  11. Sharpen a knife — done it.
  12. Perform CPR — never had to do it, had the training.
  13. Fillet a fish — done it.
  14. Maneuver a car out of a skid — done it. (Didn’t do it once. Oops.  Dude’s car got a little dinged up.)
  15. Get a car unstuck — done it.
  16. Back up data — done it.
  17. Paint a room — done it.

  18. Mix concrete — done it using sacrete.  Never ran a plant.

  19. Clean a bolt-action rifle — Mmmmm. And recoil operated. And a lever gun. And a gas operated semi…
  20. Change oil and filter — done it.
  21. Hook up an HDTV — done it.  With an HD Tivo, and another with a surround system.

  22. Bleed brakes — done it.  And not using one of those kits.

  23. Paddle a canoe — done it.  At 13.
  24. Fix a bike flat — did it when I was nine.
  25. Extend your wireless network — done it.

So, 24/25, with a probable on the 25th. Oh yeah, which one of you ladies wants to snap off a piece of this? This thread would lead me to believe that there are a bunch of you out there.


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  2. triticale says:

    I’ve done most of these. Backed up data to floppies; cassette tape was out of date by then. I’ve sharpened serrated knives and impressed rugged outdoorsmen with my fire-building. I could certainly follow the cabling diagrams for hooking up an HDTV, but don’t foresee ever having occasion to do so.

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    To do a man-overboard rescue you need to come around to windward, so bring the helm about and come up easy, on bigger boats than dinghies it’s a figure-eight maneuver. Righting a capsized boat is some more fun. Don’t trust a torque wrench with foot-pounds, at inch-pound levels! Backing-up a 30-foot trailer is fun too. Stop arterial bleeding – but what if you started it on purpose? Yeh ok sorry bro’…it was an oopsie, I swear. 🙂 The concrete is in case you don’t want anybody to find out.

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    Oops, I should have said “leeward” instead of windward – you don’t want to run over the poor bastard, you want him/her to drift into you so you can pluck ’em out.