QQ Cops

Claaaaasy site, guys.  I really love the rationalization that goes behind running this site:

Should we be given breaks on tickets that normal people would be given a break? 
Yes.  Best Buy employees get an employee price (which is awesome), Subway employees get free subs, military people get free hops on planes, airline employees get the jet around the world for free ($50 is free).  Every profession gets some kind of ‘perk’.

No.  You should not be given a break.  Cops get the cop discount at lots of places.  That’s your perk.  My favorite part is to read through the crybaby accounts of why some other cop is a dickhead.  “I was going with the flow of traffic.”  “I was worried about the guy in front of me being drunk.”  Yeah, and how many tickets has that guy written where someone gave him the same line?

I wonder what other perks cops are “entitled” to.  Making up charges for people who are “shitheads?”  Tasering people for being “shitheads”?

Our mission is to try and bond our community by bringing the stories of how our brothers and sisters are sometimes mistreated by other brothers and sisters.

Maybe after visiting this site and reading how much it really does affect other officers, you may think twice about giving that ticket.

It’s ONLY A TICKET!  We’re positive that there is someone more deserving of your attention than your own brother or sister.

I’m trying to think of a more insulting and condescending way that they could have written that to everyone out here who isn’t a cop, but I can’t.

So let me go too next time, OK?  It’s ONLY A TICKET!


  1. […] Seems cops want breaks on traffic tickets. Now, honestly, who hasn’t had a ticket fixed. Reminds me of a story (and this is all relayed to me secondhand from a guy who worked there in college). In my hometown, there was this pizza joint. They also delivered. Like most restaurants in the small town the police got their meals free. The restaurant folks liked the police presence so it was beneficial to both. Of course, the unwritten rule was also that if they give the police free meals then the police would tend to look the other way if one of their delivery drivers were speeding. Well, one day a driver got a ticket. A few police came in and were surprised to be charged for their meal. The ticket went away. Go figure. […]

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Thank you for reminding me why we call them pigs. The only saving grace to this story is that at least we now know there some some cops (the ones not extending the break) who still have integrity.

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