Another Bright Shining Line

Newton said Bixby told her later that night he knew officers would be coming to his parents’ house the next day to discuss the Highway 72 widening project the deadly dispute arose from. She said Bixby told her he would shoot any law enforcement agents who came on the land.”

I said ‘Steven, you wouldn’t do that, you wouldn’t shoot law enforcement,'” Newton said. “He looked at me so serious, it scared me. He said, ‘I will. If they step one foot on my parents’ property, I’ll blow their mother (expletive deleted) heads off.'”

Taylor offered perhaps the most damaging piece of evidence against Rita Bixby to date. The prosecution played an audiotape of a phone conversation between Taylor and Rita that occurred not long after Wilson and Ouzts were shot.

“Steve said, ‘Mom, if I can’t live free, then I might as well die,'” said Rita, on the tape. “Arthur and I feel the same way about it. We couldn’t talk him out of something when we feel the same way, too.â€?

The mother was convicted of, well, as near as I can tell, thoughtcrime.

Bixby wasn’t home at the time of the shootings, but she knew her husband and son planned violence against anyone who stepped on their land, prosecutor Jerry Peace said.

Bright shining lines are being crossed, and there are some people who will not let them be crossed with impunity. I am sorry that the police officers died, and I wouldn’t have resorted to violence at that stage… but I understand.

(Hat tip: Mexi)


  1. mexigogue says:

    If there is one thing government has taught us it is that force is a valid way of dealing with property issues. Instead of being prosecuted why aren’t these people being commended for having taken the lesson to heart?

  2. cory says:

    If he shot with warning, thats one thing. But I cannot condone violence against against two law enforcement officers who did nothing wrong, but show up for work.

    What right does the government have to take my house, (NONE!) look at the third amendment to the bill of rights, Thats how the our originating countrymen looked at the issue of quartering soldier’s, but at least in that you retain your house. If I had a multi generational home and the government came in to take my land. You can sure as hell bet there would be repercussions, just not in the same manner as he chose.

  3. Phelps says:

    If your job is wrong, then showing up for work is doing something wrong.