Overreaction, Inc.

So we have a kid who owns some scary books and has access to a couple of mediocre firearms. And now people are in full-on PSH because another kid says he tried to recruit him for a school massacre plot. I don’t see Columbine. I see the Duke Lacrosse deal.

He had access to a .22 handgun, a bolt-action .22, and a 9mm carbine. None of those are your dedicated man-killers. In fact, I would be hard pressed to nominate any of them as even worthy survival weapons. They are practice weapons. Like you would give a teenager who is interested in marksmanship. (A skill supported by the US government, in fact.) He also had a bunch of toy rifles and toy grenades. This is what all the hysteria about improvised grenades comes from. Toys that use a non-pyrotechnic chemical reaction (think volcano science project) to fling some plastic pellets around. Pack gunpowder and shrapnel in, you say? Shit, ban Coca-cola bottles, then. And if he was using the Anarchists Cookbook that I saw in the photos for instructions, well, we won’t have to worry about him blowing up anyone but himself.

The kid needs to talk to someone about his problems. But even what I see about the myspace page doesn’t tell me that he is dangerous, just that he wants people to think he’s a badass. And I think that when the fumes from the PSH clear, we are going to find out that the kid who informed on him set him up.

(And I think it is worth noting that owning the books is protected under the 1st Amendment, owning the firearms is protected under the 2nd Amendment, and talking to another kid about it is protected under the 1st Amendment. Maybe the founders had something different than what these assholes see as a perfect world in mind.)

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  1. Cory says:

    Shit, better give GI joe some flowers and a UN helmet. We cant have the thought of guns around kids, If we eliminate guns rainbows will appear gumdrops will fall from the sky and fluffy bunnies will hop about the warm smiling earth.