I <3 Bonaduce

I don’t even know who this jackass is that he is tossing, but he is obviously a jackass. I think Bonaduce is free and clear — anyone jumps on me, they are getting more than just a toss. Especially if they start humping me. Plus, Bonaduce tossed him out of his freaking shoes. That’s metal.


  1. DGs World says:

    That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. My faith in the media moved a wee step towards restoration after that awesome clip.

  2. Mexigogue says:

    I see a sexual assault and an evasive manuevre. Reportedly the other guy lost some teeth in the fall. I’m very glad for that.

  3. Cory says:

    “evasive manuevre”

    I like that.

  4. magus says:

    Danny Bonaduce Won’t Be Charged in Fight

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Danny Bonaduce won’t face charges for tossing former “Survivor” contestant Jonny Fairplay over his shoulders at an awards show.

    A charge evaluation document released by the district attorney’s office Friday said there was “insufficient evidence” to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bonaduce committed battery because Fairplay “initiated contact and acted offensively.”

    Fairplay, 33, said he underwent 2 1/2 hours of dental surgery after Bonaduce tossed him over his shoulders at the Fox Reality Channel’s Really Awards last Tuesday. Fairplay landed on his face.

    The evaluation worksheet said Fairplay jumped on Bonaduce, “wrapped his arms and legs around the suspect and thrust his pelvis into the suspect’s body.”

    Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Boxer wrote that Bonaduce didn’t intentionally injure Fairplay and his “actions fell within the realm of self-defense.”