My First iPhone Bitch

I’m not digging the new update. I’m not digging it because the interface is now broken.

Touchscreens are hard to design interfaces for. As someone who totally digs good interface design (and reads Tog all the time — he has his take here) I am really impressed with what Apple did (pre 1.1.) The problem with touchscreens that Apple managed to solve was feedback. It can be hard to tell if a touchscreen has registered your input. Keyboards usually make this easy to tell. You can feel the key hit the backstop. You can hear a click. On a good scissors-switch keyboard, you can feel the snap and a distinctive click, like the trigger-break on a gun.

With a touchscreen, you don’t get that. Apple overcome this by a couple of ways. With the keyboard, they brought up a magnified version of the key you are pressing. That means that not only do you get an immediate reaction that shows you that it knows you are pressing a button, it shows you which button (since it is obscured by your finger.) Also, Apple prioritized the interface over the graphics, meaning that if you press to scroll something, it scrolls, whether the iPhone is ready or not. If it isn’t ready, you get the Photoshop style checkerboard until it catches up, but it does something to tell you that it hears you. Apple recognized this even with the first Macs, when they chose to make the mouse driver such a basic level of the system that it would keep working even when everything else was locked up. It needs to react immediately when you do something.

And Apple broke that.

Since the update, I am not getting immediate responses anymore. Rather than the 50ms you really need for it to feel responsive, I’m getting five to ten to even thirty second delays, especially in the mail app, but sometimes switching between apps and even on the iPod part. My intuition tells me that the mail app is behind all of it, but whatever it is, everytime it happens, it feels like my sleek little iPhone just turned into a greasy turd.

I’m not worried about bricking my iPhone. I haven’t even done a jailbreak on it. I just want to use it and have it work. And right now, it isn’t working. And Apple needs to fix that quick and in a hurry. I’m going to do a complete wipe and restore later tonight to see if that helps, but if it doesn’t, I will not be a happy camper until something fixes it.


  1. Cory says:

    Should I get an iphone, or is this like asking you if I should shoot a gun?

  2. Phelps says:

    Yes, and yes. This is my first bitch since I got it.