Obama the Blasphemer?

Obama made some remarks at a church this weekend. One of them jumped out and smacked me in the face:

He finished his brief remarks by saying, “We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

I do not consider myself a Christian (the whole zombie Messiah thing throws me) but I am weeeeeellll steeped in your old-timey religion education. And I am pretty sure that Obama just threw out a pure-D 100% blasphemy.

First of all, you need to know what the concept of the Kingdom of God is. The Kingdom of God, to Christians, is obtained through Jesus Christ. The Kingdom is the knowledge and faith in Jesus and God that grants one Grace. The Book of Revelation is pretty clear about how the Kingdom will come about. Tribulation + [email protected] of 5aTaN == Kingdom. When Jesus returns after the Beast is cast into the pit and the Antichrist is defeated, the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth.

Obama just said that Revelation is wrong, and that he is going to establish the Kingdom, not Jesus.

I don’t know how you recover from that. I know a lot of people who’s Antichrist Detectors are going to pin the needle when they hear this quote.

Revelation 13:

5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. 6 It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7 It was given power to make war against God’s people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

9 Whoever has ears, let them hear.

42 months is 3.5 years.

(Hat Tip: Hot Air)


  1. Mexigogue says:

    If Obama is indeed the anti-Christ then I’m kind of glad. In order for him to take power that will mean he has to win an election. If he wins this election that means Hillary won’t. If my choices for President are Hillary and the anti-Christ, I think I’ll have to take my risks with the latter.

  2. DG's World says:

    “Whoever has ears, let them hear.” Clearly, Barack should be listening, because his ears are giant.

  3. Your understanding only applies to Christian sects with pre-millennialist eschatologies. Please see: Christian Millennial Views

  4. Your description of Christians eschatology only applies to sects that believe in premillennialism. There are any number of mainstream postmillennial or amillennial sects that would agree with Obama’s interpretation.

  5. Phelps says:

    I don’t think that postmillennials are very prevalent in America (AFAIK just LDS and JW) and I’m pretty sure Catholicism would hold this as a blasphemy as well.

  6. Stormy Dragon says:

    The catholic church is generally amillennial (although they don’t refer to it as such) as a result of the influence of St. Augustine on Catholic doctrine. The Holy Office also explicitly rejected the teaching of premillennialism in 1940.