San Diego Wildfires

Note to the nation:

Global warming has nothing to do with these fires.

Illegal immigration has nothing to do with these fires, even if some of them may have been set by illegal immigrants.

Al Qaeda has nothing to do with these wildfires, even if the FBI did speculate four years ago that it would be really clever if they did.

When it hasn’t rained for a long time and you have high winds, wildfires happen.  Maybe the spread could have been slowed with more aggressive brush clearing, but it couldn’t have been prevented.

Keep fighting the good fight, HMT.

One Comment

  1. cory says:

    What if the terrorists did it!

    and now global warming is going to be worse!

    because native Americans *never* practiced seasonal burnings for forest control, and fires are *allways* a bad thing!

    God, I hate the media.