Police Lie

From The Associated Press

The NRA says the city seized more than 1,000 guns that weren’t part of any criminal investigation after the hurricane. Police have said they took only guns that had been stolen or found in abandoned homes.

The police are lying.  And it is a stupid lie, because we have all seen the video.  But, that is what police do.  They say whatever they think they need to in court, and count on juries not calling them on it.

In April 2006, police made about 700 firearms available for owners to claim if they could present a bill of sale or an affidavit with the weapon’s serial number.

I don’t keep bills of sale or records of the serial numbers of my weapons.  I don’t even keep records that I have any particular weapons, because I’m not required to, and making that a practice fails the Jews in the Attic test.  I’m not going to do it, and they don’t get a King’s X of, “well, you didn’t do what we can’t require you to do but wish you would anyways, so we get to keep your illegally confiscated weapon.”  (And at least 3 of my weapons were bought or gifted from relatives, and I don’t have bills of sale for that.)

An attorney for the city and a police department spokesman didn’t return a reporter’s telephone calls Wednesday.

Funny that.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation, said the police department has returned only about 100 of the 1,000 seized guns.

The tale of the tape.  I’m actually proud that 100 people were still able to jump through their illegal and unreasonable hoops and make them pony up.


  1. mexigogue says:

    Unreasonable. I don’t keep receipts for anything. Does that mean that all my property rights have been ceded to the police?

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  3. Bruce says:

    SO, by extension, if someone steals my wife’s grandmother’s ring, and the police recover it, I’d need a receipt to claim it?

    I hate fascist morons.

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  5. My cousin has a giant arsenal of weapons and ammo. I hate to think what would happen to him if the wrong cop got sideways with him. My cuz just likes guns. Period. He also loves to hunt. Many of them were gifts and some are antiques.

  6. Joe Huffman says:

    A list of models and serial numbers could be encrypted and stored someplace safe. I’ve thought about doing that in case my firearms were stolen and I had good cause to give the police the information. But I haven’t done that yet.

  7. Phelps says:

    I don’t see how there could be good cause to do that. They certainly wouldn’t be any good for actually recovering the weapons.