What he said.

Fred! is my man.  I would look forward to voting for him.  Romney or Gulliani?  I would hold my nose and vote for them, only because Hillary or Edwards or Obama would be worse.

McCain?  No chance in hell.  McCain is a first-class enemy of freedom.  I don’t think he is evil.  I think he is wrong.  I think he believes he knows better than you how to run your life.  I think that his service as Commander-in-Chief in the Global War on Fascist Islam would be compromised by his barbaric treatment by the Vietnamese.  I think that he too easily reaches for what is politically expedient over what is politically prudent.

Huckabee?  He should run on the Democratic ticket.  I really don’t see a difference between Huckabee and Obama.  The difference I see between Huckabee and Hillary is that I at least think that Hillary would have the spine to take action when America gets attacked again.  Huckabee is an empty suit with no will, and no ability to enforce any will he might one day find.

Romney is the best candidate the Democrats are running.  And no, that wasn’t a typo.  Romeny is a leftist, but he is a Red-State style leftist.  We could hold the line with Romney.  Guilliani is an authoritarian, but I think that he has enough respect for the constitution that we could hold the line with him as well.

From a standpoint of federalism and liberty, the one person we could actually gain ground with would be Fred! Thompson.  That is why he is my guy.


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  2. I keep telling everyone I know that Fred is the man. I read his website and his views on Federalism are target ON. Seriously, why aren’t Conservatives and even Libertarians getting behind this guy? Read his Principles on his website – totally in line with Libertarian thinking, don’t you think?

  3. Matt says:

    What line would we be holding with Romney? Certainly not the spending or deficit one.