Ron Paul Is Too Nerdy To Be President

Watch these Brownshirts Harrass and chase Sean Hannity.  That, my friends, is a cult of personality.  And Ron Paul is too nerdy to use it.

Look, it’s a basic part of the phenomenon.  You start a cult, you get some strange from the cult.  That is how it works.  From Georgetown to David Koresh to Ayn Rand to… hell, to Kucinich, when you start a cult you fuck one of the hotter cultists.

If Ron Paul wants to have any chance of a successful cult, there better be some rumors of an affair with a butterface in his campaign somewhere, or he is flat incompetent.


  1. Clearly Ron Paul should be President. And we can join the cult and wear those nifty little white coats with no armholes and drool alot.

  2. mexigogue says:

    Sunuvabitch, I thought a soccer match was gonna break out!