World Concerns

So… we have former congressmen being brought up on terrorism charges, Fred! being all badass, and the possibility that a significant chunk of the world’s energy problem could be gone in a decades, and what do I have that I think deserves being blogged about?

I had to RMA my Rock Hero guitar. This sucks.  Apparently, it is so widespread that EA doesn’t even question it.  If you tell them that you are having strum-bar problems, they just send you another one and tell you to send the original back in the box the new one comes in.  My strum bar would register three or four strums on a single activation — and none of them actually in time with the strum itself.  Luckily, I bought Guitar Hero III, which blows whale chunks as a game, and the guitar it came with feels like a blocky Soviet Bloc piece of Decepticon shit, but it works, which is more than the Rock Band one is doing.

The Rock Band guitar feels a lot better.  Higher quality plastic, the buttons are in a comfortable position, it responds(ed) so much better, is less noisy, and is all around just better — until it decides to go Tango Uniform.

At least my drums don’t seem to suffer from the “manufacturing defects” that a lot of people hit.  Yet.

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