Whisky tango foxtrot

So I’m sitting in the Los Palampos in the SanAntonio airport having dinner. My seat overlooks the bar, which has three televisions. One is showing ESPN. One is showing CNN. And the last one is showing bawling hairlipped babies.


I got nothing against the hairlipped community. My own mother was born with a cleft palate that the Air Force promply repaired as an infant. I understand that these bawling hairlipped babies are third world bawling hairlipped babies who don’t have access to that sort of surgery without wonderful charities like the one running the infomercial. I applaud the effort.

But does the bar have to run it while I eat?

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  1. Scott says:

    The question that needs to be asked is, “What show preceded the bawling harelipped babies infomercial?” Somebody wanted a Judge Judy or Oprah showing while they waited for their plane.