Hypothetical Candidate

Suppose there was a Republican candidate. Let’s assume that his positions were roughly identical to McCain’s, but he had less historical baggage than McCain, and was youthful and charismatic to boot.

Let’s further suppose that a big part of his history was books about his experiences with his spiritual mentor and minister. And suppose that long into the campaign, it turns out that this spiritual mentor of 20 years teaches that black people are destined to always be oppressed, because Ham walked in on Noah while he was drunk and naked. (Yes, this belief really is held by some people.) And suppose that he taught that the US government was controlled by Crypto-Communists who are running a long-term conspiracy to poison and demoralize white Christians. (Yes, there are some ministers that teach this.)

Would we be looking for “context” in these remarks?

Would we excuse the candidate for membership and financial support of this ministry because, other than these remarks, he does good works?

Would we say that anyone who is making a big deal about this is just another partisan looking to tear down Republicans?

Would we tell black people who are offended by the Ham remarks that this is just how white people worship and that they are too sensitive?

Would we excuse the Communism remarks because the minister grew up during the Cold War when communists really were a danger?

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