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Bad form, Balko.

How about this one: If you’re adamant that you only oppose criminalization of drugs, then do you think that we should educate children on the danger of mind altering drugs?

If you’re adamant that you only oppose unnecessary SWAT raids, then do you also support more training for true high risk, time sensitive police incidents requiring an armed response?

If you’re adamant that you only oppose convicting innocent men, then do you also support vastly expanding the amount of DNA testing done to crime scene evidence?

Yeah, you do, on all three.  And I can oppose illegal immigration while still wanting to radically relax our legal immigration requirements.  Just like how I can support decriminalizing drugs without wanting everyone to be a junkie, how I can think that prostitution is a horrible profession that demeans and psychologically harms but still not want to throw people in jail over it, and how I can support appeals for men convicted of rape without supporting rape itself.

Code Words

Can we please stop bullshitting with the language? This isn’t the source of my problem, but it is what triggered the post, and since it is an open letter, I feel like it is an appropriate link.

Can we please stop using soft euphemisms to excuse black racism? Pretty please? I’m tired of seeing “the community” when you mean “black people.” You don’t mean the community when you say “the community”. You aren’t including the Korean donut shop owner. You aren’t including the white family that lives down the street. And I think that saying “anger” when you mean “hate” is pretty childish too.

Are our hearts so small and our need for reassurance so great that we cannot allow an old black man who dedicated his life to his community his anger?

I think you mean, “Are our hearts so small and our need for reassurance so great that we cannot allow an old black man who dedicated his life to his race his hate?” No. No, our hearts are too small to tolerate a president whose spiritual mentor is a hateful racist. Maybe he is simply a product of his times. So were Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd.

Enough of “the community.” It’s “the race.” Enough of “anger.” It’s hate. Enough of “liberation theology.” It’s socialism. It’s not anti-zionism, and it isn’t anti-semitism. It is anti-Jew.

Way back before P6 banned me, we had a discussion about language and race. This is one point that we agreed on — we can’t have an understanding about race in this country until we stop the euphemisms and start calling things what they are.

Hoax Update

It turns out that this was a hoax.  Thanks a lot assholes.  118118 doesn’t have any US service, so I can’t boycott them.  Normally I’m good at spotting hoaxes — but lately, it has gotten damned hard to parody real life.  Real life keeps catching up.

Stock Tip

If you own RIM, sell.  No, dump.


Childproofing the Country

UpdateIt was a hoax.

Britain is in the process of turning the entire country into one big padded room.


Britain’s first ‘Safe Text’ street has been created complete with padded lampposts to protect millions of mobile phone users from getting hurt in street accidents while walking and texting.

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Gary Gygax (1938 – 2008)

No Rez.

I’m with the others — 1d4 + 1 moments of silence, please.