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Firing up the Memory Hole

Dallas Progress is up in the air about Imus again. He decided not to go with his original plan — try to raise another manufactured distraction in an attempt to ruin Imus’ career and silence him permanently.

I am calling on my political blogger nation (and we are deep, believe me) to put an end to Don Imus’ career, once and for all. The nationwide political blogger groups should be called into action.

Thankfully for, you know, peaceful political discourse between peers, he was persuaded to back down a bit.

It seems that the prevailing attitude is to ignore Imus and render him irrelevant.

This is exactly why I wanted to bounce this off of my nationwide people. To get a perspective.

Note that the response wasn’t, “let’s refute his ideas with logic and reason.” The plan is to still keep the ideas from being disseminated — just by whistling past the graveyard instead of, you know, destructive and foul politics of economic assassination.

But he wanted perspective, so I left him a comment that generally said, “if you want perspective, my first thought was, ‘you see someone make a comment that you don’t like, and your first instinct was to try to ruin his career to silence him? That tells me tons about you.'” I say “generally” rather than quoting my comment because it never made it out of moderation.

So, that’s the reasoned discourse that happens over there. Perhaps I should refrain from posting this lest Michael Davis decide to try to destroy my career to shut me up permanently. That seems to be his preferred method of personal interaction.


The audience chick is particularly creepy.  She was a little cute right up until she tards out on stage.

Comment of the Day

Over at the Moronblog:

How can you go wrong with an Asian gay singing space cowboy?

Real Dialog

Obama is indeed starting a dialog on race. We are getting a dialog on how it is time to for Black America to catch up on fixing their own house. This is from the comments:

Since witnessing the Rev’s hatemongering of me, someone whom he doesn’t know nor gives a rip about, I honestly do not know what to believe about the black plight in this country anymore. To know that Obama and his family sat in these pews for 20+ years and still do demonstrates his acceptance of this racist man’s teachings. And to know that the bulk of black America is staunchly voting for this man demonstrates your acceptance of this racist’s mans teachings.

For some crazy reason I’ve merrily gone about my life believing that blacks and whites had differences and challenges to face but never did I know that blacks were being taught to hate me b/c I was white. Never!

But I know now, and trust me, if this is the conversation we American’s need to have to expose the dark underbelly of black’s racism toward “white’s” then let’s have it! Healing our foremothers pain will never occur if we don’t get truly honest with one another.

Sadly, because of all of this betrayal and dishonesty, I have found myself steering away from many of black friends, colleagues and peers since the sermons have been aired. I strive everyday to be fair and honest to all the people who roam onto my life’s path, and I have to tell you that I don’t think I will ever be able to trust a black person again. To know that “hating the whites” is being taught by the most trusted pillors of the black faith is simply wrong and breaks my heart.

And to know that the sole reason blacks are voting as a block for Obama is b/c he is a black man troubles me even more. Talk about racism and sending a loud and clear signal of hate towards me simply b/c of the color of my skin or Hillary’s is blatant ignorance and I want none of it. The next time a black person runs for office in my community, I sware I’ll never, ever, ever support him or her.

She wasn’t having racist thoughts before — and Obama’s actions did nothing to mitigate the problem. He amplified it.

Charlton Heston (1923-2008)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.


If you want to know why he supported the NRA, this is why.

Update: I shouldn’t have lawld at this, but I did anyway.

Irony Followup

This is the sort of thing that keeps me from going off the deep end.


This is a case of actual irony rather than just a coincidence that was called irony (I’m looking at you Morrisette.) So the whole Wright thing comes up, and I start researching. Researching leads me to afrocentric (a term I hate because Africa has little to nothing to do with them, as opposed to say Baldilocks, who is unlikely to adopt the term) blogs. I think, “hmm, I haven’t tried to get a good feel for Black America since P6 ran me off, maybe I can actually learn something.” So I start commenting. Some of them gave me what I was looking for, especially Dallas South. Shawn Williams and I may not agree on many things (ok, we probably don’t agree on most things) but we are both civil. Some other blogs, and even commenters on his blog, on the other hand, drive me nuts.

The problem is that no one wants to hear from anyone who disagrees. I don’t mean, they think that your ideas are rubbish and idiotic. That happens everywhere. I mean, they specifically think that you have been sent as part of a conspiracy to intentionally disrupt and demean. Because, of course, if you disagree, you are a racist. The cacophany is loud enough (and in a lot of places, rude and foul enough) to make me start to believe that it is a mainstream belief among black Americans. I was starting to feel like black Americans were, as a rule, racist, rude, closed-minded bigots who hate all things both White and American, and me personally.

And frankly, that’s a racist belief. Discussions with Black Americans on afrocentric blogs were turning me into a racist. That’s ironic. I have to take a break from reading Afrocentric blogs because the nuts will turn me into a hater.

This is the best comment (no link because I don’t want to feed the trolls):

xxxxx, on April 1st, 2008 at 7:52 am Said:
Obama had done a really good job of transcending the racial questions, until the Klanservatives decided to stir the racist pot up.

I honestly thought it was satire until I checked the blog behind it. There is no way someone could put up that much satire without at least letting the 4th wall slip a little. The mind boggles. (That was the same blog where I had the distinct pleasure of being called “boy.”)