Allowing Dictators to Retire

Scott Adams thinks we need a way to entice dictators and tyrants to bow out. Thing is, I think that is already what we have done with Qadhafi.

It brings up an interesting thing about our own American system.  Presidential immunity (limiting his accountability to impeachment, with the only punishment possible being removal from office) is one of the major factors in our having peacefully transferred power for 200 years.  Can you imagine what elections would be like if having a new party win the election means that the old party’s president gets put on trial?  There would be no reason for the old party to hold back anything, no matter how dirty or criminal, to win the election.  It would literally be a life or death struggle for the incumbent.  That is why pardoning Nixon was the right thing for Ford to do, even if it cost him the election.

This dangerous quandry is exactly the situation that Obama has talked about putting George W. Bush in.  I don’t Obama promises things like this because he is evil.  I think it simply because Obama doesn’t think very deeply about the consequences of his actions.  His attention span seems to range from 400 years in the past to about eight days into the future.  That’s the sort of thing I want to avoid in a president.

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  1. Coke fiends have short attention spans.

    I’m just sayin’.