Both Parties, Take Note

From Samizdata:

But, do not confuse such a landslide with being deeply respected or, heaven help you, loved. The cause of the landslide is not depth of feeling, and certainly not in your favour. It is merely a widespread judgement that you and your pals are, for the time being, likely to be a bit less incompetent, a bit less predatory, a bit more canny and a bit less panic-stricken by the unexpectedness of the unexpected than those other bastard losers.

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  1. Jazzy says:

    True enough post. It was interesting to see this phenomenon occurring across the pond (as they say) in Britain as well. It appears this websites contributes this to closing of economic bridges in Britain. Where as, here in America I think we can attribute this to the move of many Americans into a more moderate viewpoint instead of the far left and right that have characterized past political elections.