Maybe I am in an echo chamber. I seriously could not conceive of hearing this amongst my friends. But then, my friends aren’t hard corps leftists. We’ve (Republicans) got lots of things to say about the places where we are unpopular, but they don’t include maligning two unrelated groups at the same time, and they have to do with someone’s ideas, not his color. Jeez, what is it with these people?

I was thinking about this last night. There are black people that seem really touchy about everything to me. But because the only observations I have of them is when they are interacting with a white person (me), I don’t know whether or not they have a constant ‘tude going, or if it is only when they are around white people. (I would actually feel better if I knew they were 24/7 asses rather than just asses to white people.) Black people have to have the same problem with white people. Black people can’t tell if a white person is on his best behavior when they are around, or if he really does think like that.

First, white people do tip-toe around most black people. It is what we have been trained to do, because the consequences of being labeled a racist are so dire. But we really don’t start bigotting out as soon as black people leave the room.

The real test comes when someone does make an offhand remark that comes off as racist (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.) First, there is silence. Sometimes you get a nervous laugh from people around, like, “uh… was that sarcasm? A messed up joke?” Most of the time, the person will say, “wait, that came out wrong.” Because it did. But there is no question — it is embarrassing. To everyone who heard it. We know that racism was real. We are embarrassed by it. No one likes to be embarrassed. (That’s what the whole “Porch Monkeys” scene in Clerks 2 was riffing on — flipping that situation around.) And if the person who said it isn’t embarrassed by it, then we all start assuming that the person is a bigot. We’ll give really old men and women a pass on it sometimes (like you do everything crazy that old people do), as long as they don’t embarrass us in public. But we know who they are, and we keep their hands off the switches.

That is what is so surreal about that clip. No one seems to be embarrassed. I’m actually hoping that someone jumped his shit right as the video ended, but I suspect sadly that this isn’t the case.

Update: Case in point on the nervous laughter.  (And for the record, no, it isn’t a song, it is a continuation of the racist stereotype that black men are sexual beasts out to steal all the white women.)


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  2. mexigogue says:

    I can’t see that video as it’s set to private.

    About the race subject, I know that white people tiptoe around black people in many instances. It’s sort of there for Latinos too, but perhaps a bit less than with y’all because we don’t have as long a history as antagonists. You can’t be right on the line because that’s too suspect. Sometimes I just say fuck it and throw caution to the wind, like the time I walked into my ex-wife’s cousin’s house (black folks) where they were all playing cards and shouting laughing loudly. I say as loud as I can “WHY ARE BLACK FOLKS SO DAMN LOUD????” Everybody looks up kind of stunned. Then Carol’s cousin says “CUZ WE BLACK!” Everybody laughed and I avoided a beat down. I wasn’t ON the line, I crossed so far over it that I guess they somehow respected that.

    (forgive me if I’ve told that story before, I’m getting to the age where I re-hash the same stories over and over)

  3. Phelps says:

    Wow. That’s fuckin interesting, man. Private video now, huh? This shit is getting very interesting.

  4. Jazzy says:

    Ok so I’m late to place my $0.02 in the jar but here it is anyway. First yes black people are aware that people tip toe around them. The reasons I believe this is as follows: 1) WP believe the BP they see on TV are representative of the entire black population, 2) and this happens to me even in my professional dress attire they think we are all out to rob somebody, as if 3) really I could go on and on.

    Second truth professional BP tip-toe around you white folk as well, because we are taught to do that as well.

    @mexigogue your marriage to a black woman allowed you I hate to say certain privileges but it did. The fact that you were willing to marry into the black culture in a way helped prove that you were not bound by the conventional beliefs or stereotypes of BP.

    All around people need to start talking so some of the tension can be eased. I’m not saying go to da hood and start asking people crazy questions NOR am I saying start asking BP well why do you all do this or that (if you didn’t know that’s just plain offensive) but make an honest effort to see what’s up with that person.

    @Phelps in why to BP have a ‘tude as you put it, how about you ask that person hey what’s going on today something on your mind. Trust me most times it will probably have absolutely NOTHING to do with you or other WP.

  5. Phelps says:

    I want to make clear that black people in general don’t have tudes, but there are certain black people that seem to always have a tude. My dillemma is that I don’t know if they are just assholes in general, or only assholes to white people. I’m assuming that black people have the same problem with white assholes.

    And talking really is the solution. I’ve had this discussion with stupid racists before: they start ranting about black people, n-s are all trash, good for nothing, etc, just want to steal and F white women, etc, and then you ask them, “well, what about Everett down at your work?” And they say, oh, well, he’s not like the rest of them. He’s OK. “Well, what about James down the street?” Oh, he’s one of the exceptions too. And eventually, you end up with, “I hate all black people, except for the black people I actually know, who are all exceptions to the rule.” Sometimes they realize how stupid that is, and well, some people are stupid no matter how hard to you try to bring them around.