Dictator of America

Via Rachel Lucas:

Suppose you were elected Temporary Supreme Dictator of America.

What are 10 laws you would pass/repeal or government programs you would create/tear down? (Assume that you are in office for however long it would take to do these things and that any changes you make will remain in place after you leave office.)

  1. Repeal the 17th Amendment.
  2. Repeal the NFA of 34 and all gun laws since.
  3. Eliminate the government enforcement of the legal and medical cartels. Included in this is all control over prescriptions and scheduling of drugs. (Yes, this would also end drug prohibition.)
  4. Convert all government immunity to limited immunity, starting with investigators and prosecutors.
  5. Prohibit Congress from delegating its legislative functions to regulatory agencies.
  6. Sunset all acts of Congress eight years after passage other than the ratification of treaties.
  7. Suspend for two years the franchise of anyone who accepts government largess, including welfare, unemployment benefits, college grants, farm subsidies, etc. (Benefits from actual government service, both civil and military, do not apply.)
  8. Jury trials for all eminent domain or asset forfeiture proceedings.
  9. Eliminate the EPA. Institute strict liability for environmental claims, requiring clear and convincing evidence of causation.
  10. Require a speedy trial (within 14 days) by jury for all family law matters, including child protection and child custody matters.

That would go a long way, and I picked things that I thought would have the least pushback compared to what they accomplish.

What would you do?


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