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I’m Guilty Myself, but I’m not Running for President

Hillary should definately jump on this. I mean, doesn’t this look like a winning sign to you?

Both Parties, Take Note

From Samizdata:

But, do not confuse such a landslide with being deeply respected or, heaven help you, loved. The cause of the landslide is not depth of feeling, and certainly not in your favour. It is merely a widespread judgement that you and your pals are, for the time being, likely to be a bit less incompetent, a bit less predatory, a bit more canny and a bit less panic-stricken by the unexpectedness of the unexpected than those other bastard losers.

Mark M on Remembrance

Booker Rising: Mark M on Remembrance

My generation learned a great deal from the prior generation. We are much bolder in the most simple matters. It is of no consequence for us to have certain occupations, make money or integrate within the larger community without the past generation’s angst or valiance. We do not feel as inhibited in speaking our minds or questioning authority. When the past generation spoke the truth to authority, it was a rightful sign of heroism and honor. When we do the same, we’re just speaking our mind.

We are, however, still defined by race, but that defining is partly our own choice. We go to black churches. We socialize mostly with black people and still do not discuss certain things in the company of whites. We still believe it is “us” and “them” and we still get uncomfortable when crime shown on the evening news has a photo of one of “us”. We are comfortably and defiantly not them, a white society we believe, mostly in our paranoid minds, barely tolerates us.

You are welcome in our society.  All you have to do is step in.  Millions of black people already have.  Separate but equal never was and still isn’t.

Police Testimony

This is consistant with my experience in regards to police testifying in civil matters. I’m not surprised that they do the same in criminal matter.  I always assumed that is where they picked up the habit.

Clever move from Apple

What does this look like to you? To me, it looks like a way to End of Life a product without, you know, EoLing it. I’m guessing that we seen an announcement in the next few days, with the release on June 27.

Yes We Shall


Morality and Race

It is easy to vote against a racist.  When a candidate espouses racist views, then my vote is decided — anyone but him.  But what is your moral obligation when it is the supporters of a candidate that are racist?

Earlier in the campaign, (who in my mind is a distinct entity from the Ron Paul I’ve followed over the last 12 years) had a lot of supporters.  Well, a few very vocal supporters.  And more than a few of them were unsavory types.  Truthers were rampant.  More disturbingly than even that was the Stormfront types.  They gave money to  They stumped for him.  They gave youtube endorsements.  I have no doubt that they were sincere, since these people are too stupid and too excited to put on a false front.

What does it say about a candidate when he attracts racists like flies to dung?  Should this be setting off warning bells for me?  (It does, but the question is, should it?)  When David Duke endorses a candidate, should we be paying attention?  Likewise, when Hamas and Al Queda weigh in with their choices, should we be going the other way?