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Just when I thought that only Republicans have sex scandals anymore, a couple of Dems come along and blow toe tapping and intern-IMing right out the Fing water.

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Stay Classy, Obama Supporters!

So it turns out that the Brownshirts are back. I’m not pointing this out to smear the Obama campaign. I’m 90% certain that they had nothing to do with this. This was some jackasses who thought that this idea of “dialog” needed to Change. The only reason that I am bothering to point it out is to remind people who jump on any malfeasance against their group as evidence of some widespread inclination to dirty dealing that what goes around comes around.

Update: To clarify, I do not in any way consider UBM to be acting like a Brownshirt.  The goons getting blogspot blogs taken down are the ones I refer to, and they are much further into the extreme than anything going on at UBM’s site.

True Feminism

This photo, to me, points to a bright 21st century.  I think there are a few people in her vicinity that are still thinking like it is the 15th century.  I think that they are few, not many, and she will do an admirable job of bringing the stragglers up to speed very quickly.

About 1800 fps I would guess.

Refinery Capacity

New Nukes

If he had some specifics about how he intended to do it, McCain’s Goal of 45 New Nuclear Reactors by 2030 might be enough to make me actually want to vote for him, rather than just against the other guy.

Presidents and Floods

After six days, finally, Bush is going to finally show up and inspect the Iowa flood damage. Geez.  It only took him three days to go see Katrina.  There can only be one conclusion.

George W. Bush hates white people twice as much as he hates black people.

Obama Fears McCain

Of course, the AP spins it as Obama, McCain camps spar over debates

One day after Obama secured the Democratic nomination earlier this month, McCain offered to hold at least 10 joint town hall meetings until the Democrats’ national convention in August.

But Obama campaign manager David Plouffe offered Friday to hold one town hall meeting on the economy in July and one debate on foreign policy in August, in addition to the three debates traditionally held in the fall before the November election.

One town hall. On the Fourth of July. You know, when everyone is out of town and drunk and no one is actually watching TV.

The McCain campaign said it was planning a town hall meeting in Minnesota next Thursday and invited Obama to attend it.

In my circles, “inviting” would mean “called out.”

“We will hold time on our schedule for joint town halls every Thursday night until the Democratic convention,” said McCain campaign manager Rick Davis.

“I hope Senator Obama would reconsider his position and agree to join Senator McCain as early as next week,” he said.

I’m sure he added, “if he can get his wife to let him stay out late on a weeknight.”

No teleprompter, NObama.